Marc E Bassy American Dream Life Square
Marc E Bassy American Dream Life Square

OKP Premiere: Marc E. Bassy - "American Dream Life"

Marc E Bassy American Dream Life

It's time we all get better acquainted with the one they call Marc E. Bassy. The young Bay Area singer and MC has had a banner year thanks to the release of Only the Poets mixtape, and now he's preparing to cap it off with a brand new video--a sly and slow-burning (an over-used descriptor perhaps, but literally true in this case) clip for the mixtape's closing cut, "American Dream Life."

Bassy (real name Marc Griffin) got his first taste of industry success with the indie-pop group 2 AM Club but presently he seems hard at work honing a sound that's undeniably more r&b and hip-hop. "American Dream Life" cruises upon turned-down trap beats and soothing basslines--the track's production quickly brings to mind Tinashe and Take Care-era Drake. Lyrically, Bassy colors American clichés in a dreary palette, panning homeownership and career ladder-climbing with a voice that's lush and surprisingly mature. His verses move slowly as they stack up rebukes of our culture's hunger for money, status, family and power, leading up to the emptiness that awaits at the end of it all. "I'm a man, I'm a beast trying to make a 2-year-old / Trying to make the whole damn city know my name / And when we get the house on top it's gon' be the same," Bassy observes, only to slide into a hook that reveals the truth--he wants his own piece of this poison pie.

Marc has formed a creative bond with CA indie producer Count Bassy (hence the name change) and plans to continue working to refine his new future-R&B sound in the foreseeable, ahem, future. Having grown up with a love for both E-40 and Steve Wonder, Bassy was writing raps by age 9 and was rocking slam poetry contests in his teenage years. He's penned lines for both 2Chainz and Sean Kingston, but Only the Poets is his true arrival as a standalone artist. With beats that soothe and lyrics that instigate self-reflection, Marc Bassy has all the early signs of an artist that's not afraid to paint the world as he sees fit.