Rap Duo Mankind Celebrate Black History w/ Trilogy Videos

New York's Own Mankind Celebrates Black History w/ "Vibrate," "Back In The World" + "My New Age"

New York's Own Mankind Celebrates Black History w/ "Vibrate," "Back In The World" + "My New Age"

Photo courtesy of YouTube.

Collectively, we must fight as a unit against the wiles and wills of Donald “Orange Headass” Drumpf. Whether through activism, through strikes or through melody, we hold these powers to be evident that we, as Americans, and free-thinking people will not go quietly in the night. The same can be said for this Harlem duo, better known as Mankind, who blend expert lyricism with raw honesty over dope beats. Consisting of Nathaniel “!LLumiN@TE” Gasque + Brian “SciryL” Henry, this group, inspired by the three crazy personas of WWE General Manger of Raw, Mick Foley (Mankind, Cactus Jack and Dude Love) reflect the balance, yin and yang represented in hip-hop culture.

Despite the woes we are all going through, these two have decided to use creativity to surpass the hardships of this Drumpf Administration. Through the usage of MVGEN, Mankind created a trilogy of black-a-dopeness in the form of videos for “Vibrate,” “Back In The World” and “My New Age”. In an effort to go through the past, present and future of black excellence and existence, Mankind shows us beautiful images of Foxy Brown, Jim Brown and more, making this trilogy + playlist one worth pressing play on.

Without any further ado, press play on “Vibrate,” “Back In The World” + “My New Age” below, plus if you want to see the live version, you can click here, here and here.


Back In The World

My New Age

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