It Takes A Village To Pimp A Butterfly: Terrace Martin, Bilal, Robert Glasper + More Give Us The DVD Extraz To ‘TPAB’

Eddie "STATS" Imported from Detroit.
Kendrick Lamar To Pimp A Butterfly Art

Anna Wise of Sonnymoon, photographed by Shayan Asgharnia for Okayplayer.

Every process is different every time you do it. Add in another person, and then another and all the variables are flying around in the air. It’s magic. It exists outside of genre. I never consider genre when I’m creating. I don’t like to intellectualize it because I do that with the rest of life. Music is the fun, free, fantastic part.

James Fauntleroy:

I first drove out to the TDE house in Carson in 2005 and wrote/sang a hook for K. Dot on my sidekick in their home studio.  I met Terrace around that same time (’05/06) – we’ve all known each other forever, Thundercat included – Terrace called Larrance and he called me and asked me to come by and sing some backgrounds. Initially I went to lay down backgrounds, which I did and left. I came back and (gladly) added lyrics because they asked me to…and it ended up fitting into this genius storyline that I had no idea about at the time!


When I played it was me, Terrace, Kendrick and Soundwave in the room. And Thundercat–in a raccoon outfit, first of all. It just makes sense. He had already played, but some of the stuff he himself had written, so he would come into the room where I was and bring his bass and show me the changes of what he wrote. His shit is weird. It’s SO Thundercat. When he writes something, it’s so him, you know it right off the top. So he would come in and show me and then I’d get it. But he literally had on a raccoon outfit on with a tail, acting like it was no big thing. I was like, “Do you know you look like a mascot?

Kendrick didn’t even know me and Bilal were best friends. So he secretly was kind of looking for Bilal for a minute–Bilal is one of Kendrick’s favorite artists! I bumped into Bilal when Kendrick had a mixing session here in New York in February. Kendrick invited a few people up to the mixing and Bilal’s in the room! I was like, Oh shit! And it was a… You’re on the album? Yeah! You’re on the album, too? Yeah!

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