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Mack Wilds’ Visual Project, ‘AfterHours,’ Inspired By The Night [Interview]

Photo of Mack Wilds taken by Calligraphist Photography courtesy of Roc Nation.

Mack Wilds, sometimes known as Tristian Wilds, sometimes known by a myriad of character names, has done what few can successfully accomplish throughout his career. He has weaved in and out of acting and music lanes avoiding any ill-fated collisions, and his latest project is a testament to his rare ability to do both.

An architect of a musical project by the name of AfterHours — Mack Wilds has delivered this effort to TIDAL as a visual mini-series, co-written and directed by him and Greg Cally. Each episode of the mini-series is a visual interpretation of a song from the AfterHours musical project.

When asked about his first love during a visit to our Okayplayer office, Mack answered with great finesse clarifying that music, not acting, was always his first love, and his deep passion for acting was re-invigorated after his acting career was almost taken away. For those reasons and more, his latest release of AfterHours, as a six-part miniseries, is the perfect accompaniment to his current standing as a multifaceted artist.

We sat down with Mack Wilds to talk about the release of his AfterHours visuals on TIDAL, his source of inspiration for the project and his fully immersed involvement as director, writer, and producer of the miniseries.

Mack Wilds on how he was inspired by the night:

“When we were recording the project everything happened at night. We were recording everything at night after filming so once you’re in something you kind of draw inspiration from it and that is where AfterHours came from, that is where it was birthed.

[The concept] came from being stuck in the night times and the vibes around the whole aspect of the hours between 12 a.m. and 5 a.m. and things that happen in it. That is where this whole thing began.”

On a Netflix show that inspired some of the AfterHours visuals:

“The visuals are inspired by the album. Each episode is named after a song on the album. There are six episodes and each episode follows a different person or a different relationship and you see how it correlates to each song and it is all wrapped around how a cast of characters from these relationships interact in one night in New York City. 

There is a show on Netflix that I got the idea for it from. The show is called Easy and that’s the joint! I loved that show when I watched it so the idea sparked from that. 

It starts airing on the 14th on TIDAL, we will show two episodes a week and will be doing it for three weeks and it’s going to be some really good vibes along with it, so check it out. And every week, when the new episode drops the previous episode, will be available for everyone on YouTube.”

On the creative process behind the mini-series:

“It is written, directed and produced by me and one of my best friends Greg Calley. We created an accompaniment to this amazing project and I hope you guys love this one as much as you love the music.”

The series will be rolled out in two episodes every Friday. The first two episodes include tracks, such as “Obsession” and “Go Crazy,” which are available on TIDAL now. Take a look at the first offerings from the series below.

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