Lupe Fiasco Says Fans May Have To Wait Till 2017 For His Three New Albums
Lupe Fiasco Says Fans May Have To Wait Till 2017 For His Three New Albums

Lupe Fiasco Announces Release Date For "DROGAS Light"

"I'm Officially Not Releasing Anymore Music. Albums Cancelled\u201d - Lupe Fiasco

Lupe Fiasco said in a recent Twitter tirade that he wasn't releasing any more music, but it looks like he has had a change of heart.

""DROGAS Light" February 10th 2017," Lupe simply tweeted, with two photos: one with what appears to be cover art of a red character on a plain white background, and another with Lupe standing on stage.

One of his songs sees him saying "it's hard being a Lupe fan," and 2016 has definitely tested the patience for his supporters. After dropping his final Atlantic Records album Tetsuo & Youth and the free Pharoah Height 2/30 in 2015, Lupe announced that he would release three albums in 2016 before bowing out of the music industry. He later announced that he scrapped one of them, but still planned to release three albums, with one of them being Drogas Light. Two months ago he said that all three albums would have to wait until 2017, because of sample clearance issues.

The announcements and pushbacks have been a lot to keep up with, but Lupe has still been dropping music in the meantime. He released a remix to Desiigner's "Panda" and two singles, "Pick Up The Phone" and "Made In The USA."

But when he released "N.E.R.D." two weeks ago, he received backlash for a lyric that was perceived as anti-semitic. The criticism seemed to turn Lupe off from releasing music altogether. "Albums canceled," he tweeted. Today's announcement that he changed his mind again comes as an early Christmas gift for hopeful Lupe fans.