Jakarta Records Drops Another Batch Of 'Habibi Funk' On Us

Listen As Jakarta Records Drops Another Batch Of 'Habibi Funk' On Us


Up from the sand dunes of North Africa and the Middle East, Jakarta Records‘ sub-label, Habibi Funk, drops another installment on our stankin’ arses. This brilliantly curated installment, the sixth look into the best soul and R&B music made by artists from the Motherland, finds Fadoul rapping with a confident sound. Added sounds include disco courtesy from Egypt, plus an Arabic take on Zouk music and two rare grooves from Egypt’s Al Massrieen, which, according to Jakarta Records, will be on the next re-issue of Habibi Funk.

For those unfamiliar with the Jakarta Records’ sub-label, Habibi Funk offers music lovers some of the best sounds made by artists from North America and the Middle East. Jannis Stürtz, Jakarta’s exec-with-the-golden-ear, has logged countless hours digging in places others wish they could be at like Tunis, Morocco, Beirut and Cario, and pulls winner after winner after winner.

Now that Habibi Funk is in its sixth installment, you have no excuse as to why you’re not familiar with this tasteful batch of foreign goodness pulled straight from the dream record crates from international waters.

Listen to these gorgeous cuts in Habibi Funk: 006 below:

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