Hi-Tek Crafts 'Ain't No Place Like This' For Cavs Championship

Listen As Hi-Tek Celebrates The Cavs' Championship Win With 'Ain't No Place Like This' (OHIO)

LeBron James got a lot of heat when he decided to take his talents to South Beach, but those who knew the real stayed down for the King. DJ Hi-Tek (who represents as ½ of Reflection Eternal with Talib Kweli) was one of the few who continued to celebrate the kid from the #330. Now that the Cleveland Cavaliers have exorcised their championship drought, the Cincinnati producer has given the Buckeye State a new anthem to use when wanting to put on for the city. Titled “Ain’t No Place Like This” (Ohio) — Tekzilla throws in a bunch of hometown pride with footage from Ohio legends like The O’Jays, Bootsy Collins, the Ohio Players, John Legend and Levert. Mixed in with the beautiful footage (yes, I’m from Ohio, too!) of the Cleveland Cavaliers winning the whole shabanga-bang during this year’s NBA Finals and you have the makings of a must-watch video!

We reached out to Tek to find out the origin of the song, his thoughts about the NBA Finals and how those elements impacted him:

“As you may know I’ve always done hometown anthems, but this one was a little more special as it sat in my crate for a few years. I was just waiting on the right time to put it out as I always felt in my heart that LeBron would one day win a championship in Cleveland. So, [when] it was the perfect timing to release it, I predicted on my Twitter when Cleveland was down 3-1 that they would come all the way back. Most of my followers tweeted [that] I was a fool so that definitely felt good to prove them wrong. Not only did we win, LeBron made history and broke so many records. For the whole town it is just a win-win situation, as [the] media was really tearing LeBron down like he was not one of the greats. To see him win it at home was [such] a beautiful thing!”

This from a man who showed LeBron James support and love when others were deriding him (we’re looking at you, Skip Bayless!) — Hi-Tek has proven to be a loyal Ohioan and his anthem “Ain’t No Place Like This” should be played during the ring ceremony presentation when the next season starts up. We really don’t have to say anything more, Ohio’s incredible lineage in the music industry is certified and verified. Just press play on the video and witness the greatness above! #OHIOLOVE!

H/T: Hi-Tek

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