Deep of 2 Hungry Bros. Drops 'Rockapuria' For Your Earholes

Listen As Deep of 2 Hungry Bros. Drops 'Rockapuria' For Your Earholes

by Kevito
April 13, 2016 11:25 AM

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Hip-hop, crate digging and comics are three things that are inseparable from the man known around the globe as Deep. As one-half of the production duo, 2 Hungry Bros., Deep has laced signature tracks for some of the game’s illest MC such as Fresh Daily, Homeboy Sandman, P.SO the Earthtone King and C Rayz Walz.

Now, the heavyweight beatsmith is back on the radar with a new hip-hop beat tape entitled, Bushwick Beatfeed. The first offering from his second effort is the alluring “Rocapuria” track, which you can hear for yourself below. The song was named after “Rocking Alcapurria,” a delicioso dish involving a Puerto Rican Cuchifrito made with deep-fried yautia, green plantains and stuffed with a meat of choice.

On Bushwick Beatfeed, Deep celebrates the highs and lows of Bushwick, Brooklyn, his current residence. As listeners are transported to the Short Stay Hotel, each track serves as a reference for the different rooms in the two-story hotel that represents elements of the currently gentrified locale. Deep employs his signature Boom Bap with Latin Spice to paint a musical landscape and pay homage to another New York City zip code.

Listen as Deep brings back that hardcore New York style you know and love, as “Rockapuria” is available for audio-digestion below:

Pre-order the Limited Edition Cassette or digital album of Bushwick Beatfeed today! The album will be available for mass consumption on May 13th.

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