Lil' Kim Shares Thoughts On Remy Ma + Nicki Minaj Beef

Lil' Kim On Remy Ma Vs. Nicki Minaj: "Remy Don't Need No Damn Help!"

Lil' Kim & Other Revolutions: Thoughts On The #FamilyZone photo

Photo of Lil’ Kim courtesy of Twitter.

Almost a week out from hearing the devastatingly diabolical diss track from Remy Ma to Nicki Minaj and there’s still no respond from the self-appointed “Queen of Rap”.

With the internet still in a frenzy over “ShETHER,” Billboard got some face time with Lil’ Kim to get her thoughts about the battle. The Brooklyn legend, who is currently touring the country with Remy Ma, didn’t mince words when she shared her thoughts on the lethal seven minute diss cut aimed at her fellow arch-nemesis.

In the interview she also talks about her new album, being independent and her 24/7 Star Fashion line. But on the real, everybody wanted to know about what she thought of the battle of 2017. “We all know the situation that’s going on with Remy and ol’ girl,” she told the music publication. “First of all, after hearing ‘ShETHER,’ that shit is so hard, Remy don’t need no damn help! Why would I need to come together for that? The song is just hard, period.”

The Queen B also burst the bubble on the idea of a “Ladies Night” re-remix with Remy Ma and Cardi B, which rap sites were speculating following a concert in Pennsylvania where they all performed together.

Check out the full Billboard interview with Lil’ Kim by clicking here.

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