Common & Lil Bibby Link On The Intelligent "Speak To Em"

Common Keeps It Chicago, Joins Lil Bibby For The Jazzed-Out "Speak To Em"

by Scott Heins
November 18, 2015 9:15 AM

Common Lil Bibby Speak To Em Cover Art

It sounds like just about everything is happening all at once on “Speak To Em,” the new single from quick-rising Chicago MC Lil Bibby. The jazz ride cymbals are swinging, the piano and synths are whirling, the snares are slicing and…oh word? It’s none other than Common on the track. The legend comes to the aid of the rookie on “Speak To Em” and sounds right at home over all the live instrumentation, rhyming about pyramids, stars, garages, crime, glory and babysitters. You’ll have to give it a listen; you’ll be very glad you did.

Produced by Jake-One, the track somehow succeeds in making Lil Bibby sound older, while Common comes across as his younger self. Vibrant and poised, it’s the perfect sort of song to begin the day with, and should fit right in with your Common Sense playlist. Is it 2015, or 1995?

Listen to “Speak to Em” below and keep an eye out for Free Crack 3, Lil Bibby’s next project, which is duo to drop next Friday, November 27th.

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