The Pharcyde Explains What A 'Mixtape' Is To Millennials

Let The Pharcyde Explain To Millennials What A 'Mixtape' Is!

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Millennials, a perpetual generation who won’t know what 8-tracks, VHS and cassette tapes were like in its prime. Millennials, who may or may not have a true understanding of old internet devices (you think they know about dial-up?). Millennials, who apparently, according to Billboard, don’t have any idea as to what a mixtape is.

Speaking with The Pharcyde‘s Imani and Bootie Brown, the duo helped Ashley Iasimone to learn what a mixtape’s purpose is. The conversation took place at this year’s BottleRock festival in Napa Valley, California. Imani broke it all the way down about how it used to be back in the day to make old-school mixtapes.

In addition to that, he commented on how social media has affected the music industry as a whole, saying, “That shit changed the game.” Focusing on how the group has grown over the years, The Pharcyde saluted themselves at how they’ve managed to mature. “We’re like aged wine, you know what I mean,” Imani said. “We had a chance at being in the game for a long time. We’ve seen trends come and go. We’ve seen artists come and go. We’ve seen people grow up and get old and give up on it. [Yet] through all that, we’re still here.”

Watch the video in full for yourself below:

H/T: Billboard

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