Jon Stewart Advises Larry Wilmore On Final 'Nightly' Episode

Larry Wilmore Receives Advice From Jon Stewart On Final 'Nightly Show'

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“Do not confuse cancellation with failure,” Jon Stewart told his longtime co-hort during Thursday night’s last episode of The Nightly Show. After Comedy Central slammed the hammer down on the popular late night talk show, Larry Wilmore spent this week highlighting his ups, his downs and converged with his former Daily Show correspondent one last time. “What you, my friend, were tasked to do, you have done and done beautifully,” Stewart said. “You gave voice to underserved voices in the media arena and you did it—it was a show that was raw and poignant and funny and smart and all those things.” He added, “You took something and got better every f**king day.”

That praise from Stewart meant a lot to Wilmore, whose tireless work on The Nightly Show couldn’t stop the powers-that-be from canceling. As the two friends and former colleagues talked about what would be missed and what was planned for the following week, Stewart went on to address The Nightly Show audience and how the program resonated with them. “You started a conversation that wasn’t on television when you began,” Jon said, before adding that the conversation will continue despite the show’s end.

Comedy Central first aired The Nightly Show in January 2015, as Larry Wilmore took over The Colbert Report time slot. In the past year or so, Wilmore, who has written for numerous television series over the course of two decades, has built a reputation as a host and program that addressed social issues, plights and challenged people’s attitudes, perceptions and biases.

His tireless efforts will surely be missed, but this is not the last we’ve heard from the colorful comedian. You can watch the entire final episode here, and watch Larry and Jon converse in the video below.


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