LargeUp TV: Shaggy x The Roots inna Dancehall Stylee - Okayplayer

LargeUp TV: Shaggy x The Roots inna Dancehall Stylee

by Eddie "STATS"
8 years ago

You may have heard that at the Okayplayer Holiday Jam there arose such a joyful clatter that all of New York jumped up to see what was the matter. One of the highlights of the evening was definitely this dancehall appearance from Jamaica’s cultural ambassador to di worl’ Shaggy, made possible by our 45-selecting, coquito-drinking brethren over at LargeUp. Freestyling with the godfather of vocal noize Rahzel and then a really, really good reggae band (can anybody tell me who these cats are?) Shaggy definitely brought the proper Brooklyn vibe to kick things off well jolly. Watch the performance below via LargeUp’s youtube channel–and for a full recap of reggae runnings at the OKP holiday jam including appearances from 90s-til-now dancehall queen Patra, Red Fox and Mr. Easy do like the trailer says and log on to LargeUp for more RaRaRa.

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