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LargeUp Top 10: Reggae Thanksgiving Anthems

by Eddie "STATS"
7 years ago

It’s Thanksgiving Eve y’all, so we are more or less signing off for the holiday (don’t worry, if Jay Elec or Dave Chappelle or somebody pops up on the field at the Lions vs. Packers game in Detroit, we’ll probably blog it. Probably.) So we thought we’d leave you with the most appropriate Thanksgiving post we could think of: this contribution from our Caribbean channel LargeUp running down the Top 10 reggae anthems (of thousands, trust) using the words “Give Thanks” in the title or hook. Enjoy two of our favorites from Bad Brains (above) and Sugar Minott (below) but check out the full Top 10 at LargeUp (this is what they do well–check their top 10 weed tunes for 4/20 orĀ top 10 Diwali riddims if you don’t believe me).

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