Kool A.D. Featured on New King Sterlz Record "Holy Sound"

Kool A.D. Makes A Cameo On King Sterlz' New Track "Holy Sound"

by Bricks
August 27, 2014 6:48 PM

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Victor Vaquez aka Kool A.D. and reformed Das Racist has made a cameo and we’re excited about it because, well, we’re always excited about new Kool A.D. This latest appearance is on a King Sterlz record called, “Holy Sound.” King Sterlz is a fairly new artist out of Roxbury, Boston—”617 ’til he dead”—and signed to new label Cuttin Class Records. He released his debut project “Royalty” this August, and calls out flexing in the industry for the entire duration of the record.

KOOL A.D.’s verse is political, as usual, because Victor Vaquez ain’t for none. He calls out hydrofracking (if you are not knowing, there is much recent concern, interest in and debate about hydrofracking–the process of fracturing rock to release natural gas from sedimentary rock that (disputably) produces toxic and radioactive waste–here in NY state, among many others); Paul Ryan for being Paul Ryan and shouts out approval for Pussy Riot and their disturbance of peace.  Between the two of them, “Holy Sound” follows the stream of consciousness and feels wavy and focused at the same time in the best way.

Looking forward to hearing more from Kool A.D. and about extortion, exploitation, and injustice that he don’t like. In the meantime you can check out his recent collaboration with Amaze 88, and his NSFW work as a freelance artist via instagram–His permanent marker civil disobedience has turned into a semi-lucrative side hustle.  Click here to hear more from King Sterlz if you feel so compelled, and check out their collaboration below.

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