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Kids These Days - Traphouse Rock [Free LP]

kids these days

After a number of impressive leaks and attention grabbing live performances, Chicago band, Kids These Days, just dropped their long awaited album, Traphouse Rock. No need to try and put a label on their sound, the shit is just dope. Get all 15 tracks for free, after the jump.


1. Intro (Mental)
2. Freakwheness
3. Ghetto
4. Doo Wah
5. Don’t Harsh My Mellow
6. Talk 2 You
7. Everybody Needs Somebody
8. Don’t Fall In Love
9. Bud Billiken
10. Don’t Blame Me (For You)
11. Wasting Time
12. Ain’t Got Love
13. Who Do U Love
14. L’Afrique
15. A Man’s Medley

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