Kenny Dope's Kay-Dee Records & Get On Down Team To Present The First Of The Kay-Dee Book Series Entitled 'Wild Style Breakbeats.'
Kenny Dope's Kay-Dee Records & Get On Down Team To Present The First Of The Kay-Dee Book Series Entitled 'Wild Style Breakbeats.'

Kenny Dope Presents 'Wild Style Breakbeats' Book Series + Kay-Dee Casebook Pre-order

Kenny Dope has teamed with Get On Down to serve up the first release of the Kay-Dee Records book series entitled Wild Style Breakbeats - a 7-disc 45 set in custom packaging. The book of color coded 45's, which features a total of 13 tracks from the celebrated hip-hop film, is the first release of the studio recordings produced in 1981. The tracks re-edited from original reels are accompanied by a 28-page book of liner notes featuring images from Wild Style director Charlie Ahearn and commentary from Fab 5 Freddy, Chris Stein and GrandWizzard Theodore. The significance of the release is outlined by Freddy, Stein and others involved in the original production:

As the liner notes conclude:

Freddy says, “The #1 question I would get when I would meet significant DJs from the ‘90s was, ‘Where did those records come from?’ It was a big thing to a lot of people.” And he underscores an important parallel to the breaks that made up the backbone of the original ‘70s Bronx park jams: “The kind of breakbeats that were popular in the early years sounded so obscure, even if you were a DJ, because jocks would soak the labels off so people couldn’t figure out what they were playing. The Wild Style Breakbeats became a similar quest.”

Chris Stein sums his “Wild Style” experience up, three decades later: “While the film was being made, I knew it was going somewhere, because I was really aware of what was going on in the hip-hop world back then. I can’t say I knew the full significance of what it would become at the beginning [of filming] and I definitely didn’t know that four years later I would have guys in the UK begging me for white labels of the Breakbeats. But when I finally saw the movie, I was really impressed. I told them ‘This is going to get knocked off by Hollywood immediately.’ Within six months, there was ‘Beat Street.’”

Get On Down details a few of the particulars ahead of the release of the forthcoming casebook:

This stunning set with unique “Kay-Dee Casebook” packaging – officially licensed from Charlie Ahearn by Kenny Dope and Kay-Dee Records, and packaged by Get On Down – is a hip-hop junkie’s dream. It presents a crucial rap artifact with the respect it has always deserved but, until now, has not been given. It is sure to sit on your shelf alongside other trophies from the music and culture that has touched the lives of so many over the past four decades.

Check the footage below to watch the trailer for the Wild Style Breakbeats casebook from Kenny Dope and Get On Down. Pre-order the casebook via Kay-Dee Records. Stay tuned for more.