Kenna "How Will It End (prod. RJD2)"

Kenna "How Will It End (prod. RJD2)"


This whole Kenna EP series may be getting a little confusing, but to clarify, The 3-chapter Imitation is Suicide, series concludes next Tuesday with the release of chapter 3, entirely produced by RJD2 and Kenna. We get a feel for chapter 3 with this new haunting and melodic banger “How Will It End” – a decidedly different feel from his previous tracks in the series. Says Kenna: “This is probably the most innovative song in the series, and in order to make that kind of music you have to work with someone like RJ.  He and I make alien waveforms.” Land 2 Air Chronicles II: Imitation is Suicide – Chapter 3 will be out on Tuesday.

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