Kendrick Lamar Reveals U2 + Rihanna for New Album 'DAMN.'

Kendrick Lamar Reveals U2 + Rihanna for New Album 'DAMN.'

by Kevito
April 11, 2017 7:49 AM

Kendrick Lamar Reveals U2 + Rihanna for New Album 'DAMN.'

Artwork courtesy of Twitter.

We’re gonna have to set our alarm clocks dealing with Kendrick Lamar.

The multiple Grammy Award winning MC has dropped another bombshell on the game by revealing the full details of his new album, which is set for release this Friday (Apr. 14). Titled DAMN., the record has already unleashed the braggadocios single, “Humble,” while confirming the appearances of both U2 (“xxx”) and Rihanna (“Loyalty”) as features on the album.

Jam packed with 14-tracks, Kendrick still keeps a few things close to the chest, like why the monosyllablic titles and what should we expect from “Duckworth,” the closing cut on the album. The songs with seven deadly sin-esque emotions like “Lust,” “Love,” “Pride” and “Fear” make DAMN. really intriguing if not just for the want and need to break down the meaning behind it all.

Kung-Fu Kenny also unveiled both sides of the album artwork, which you can see above and below in this piece.

Wearing a simple white tee in front of a brick wall, DAMN. has large red lettering, while the back cover (we assume) features the track list, with Kendrick still wearing the white tee standing in front of a black and white backdrop with DAMN. in large green lettering. All in all, DAMN.‘s artwork is a far cry from the Compton set outside of the White House on the cover of To Pimp a Butterfly. Hell, even the title doesn’t even fit properly within the square.

It remains to be seen what the record will ultimately sound like. “Humble” was rooted in the trap sound of today with Kendrick getting busy, so we know DAMN. won’t sound like the space age jazz funk of To Pimp a Butterfly and untitled. unmastered.

Either way, color us funkin’ excited.

DAMN. is available for pre-order now, as the West Coast will get it early on Apr. 13 at 10:00 p.m., New York at 1:00 a.m. on Apr. 14 and London at 6:00 a.m. Other collaborators on DAMN. are The AlchemistBADBADNOTGOODDJ DahiSounwave9th Wonder and James Blake.

Below, you can check out the DAMN. tracklist as it appears on the album:

1. “Blood”
2. “DNA”
3. “Yah”
4. “Element”
5. “Feel”
6. “Loyalty” f. Rihanna
7. “Pride”
8. “Humble”
9. “Lust”
10. “Love”
11. “xxx” f. U2
12. “Fear”
13. “God”
14. “Duckworth”

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