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Holy Sheet! 5 "The Heart Pt. 4" Lyrics Where Kendrick Lamar Blacks Out

We go in on the "The Heart Part IV" lyrics by Kendrick Lamar

Photo of ‘IV’ by Kendrick Lamar courtesy of Instagram.

Fresh like a batch of nuclear Folger’s coffee, Kendrick Lamar made this morning the best part of waking up as he delivered another installment of his “The Heart” series in our cups.

Let’s backtrack just a bit.

The word shifted a bit off of its axis when Drake released More Life as promised. The non-Apple Music exclusive, served as a playlist, found the former Degrassi star singing, crooning and dropping a few bars alongside Kanye WestGiggsQuavo and 2 Chainz to name a few.

As if almost on cue, rumblings from the West Coast (Compton to be exact) flooded the world wide web. The Grammy Award winning lyricist behind To Pimp a Butterfly scrubbed all of his social media to make it known that he, too, was going to be releasing a project. The cryptic “IV” that appeared had everyone wondering if he was quoting scripture, placing a certain rapper in pajama clothes in the hospital or was working on his next project.

Which brings us to today, and the answer seems that it is all of the above. Kung-Fu Kenny let loose “The Heart Pt. 4,” another scathing episode in his “The Heart” series, and lets loose guillotine bars at the game, or maybe Drake in particular. The coincidences are there: Drake drops then Kendrick comes for his neck, the April 7th date is only three weeks after More Life‘s release and it’s clear these two are vying for the #1 spot in the game.

Both superstars have shared thoughts on the other with subliminal references and witty jabs. “The Heart Pt. 4,” however, marks an interesting fork-in-the-road between the two men. One is aiming to exist as a pop phenomenon, an entity who can do magic on any type of song. The other is Kendrick Lamar. A rap animal who is only concerned with an enduring legacy of speaking truth to power and decapitating weaker MCs.

With the song on repeat today (Mar. 24) — we’ve decided to highlight some of the most ruthless, diabolical and really cool AF bars that Kenny spat as he blacked-the-funk-out on “The Heart Pt. 4”.

If you haven’t heard the track yet, check out our news post + reactions here.

Big Pun Lamar

“My fans can’t wait for me to son ya punk ass and crush your whole lil shit / I’ll Big Pun ya punk ass, you a scared little bitch.”

Speculation says that this line is a mean left hook to Drake. If so, Aubrey is being Mike Tyson’d into directly responding to the guy now known as Kung-Fu Kenny.

Confident Cornrow Kenny

“House on the hill, house on the beach, nigga (facts) / A condo in Compton, I’m still in reach, nigga (facts).”

Dropping real n**** statistics on the rap game, Kendrick shows that he’s not too far away from home to deliver a fade to anyone who wants it.

God Is Coming

“Donald Trump is a chump, know how we feel, punk / Tell ’em that God comin’.”

No, Kendrick isn’t referring to himself as the Creator and threatening the safety of our current Commander-and-Thief. Instead, the rap god known as Kendrick is confirming that the Almighty is set to punish evil for corrupting and desecrating humanity. Maybe the good kid from the m.A.A.d city has been reading our Drumpf Digest.

Another Classic From Kenny

“I said it’s like that, drop one classic, came right back / ‘Nother classic, right back / My next album, the whole industry on the ice pack.”

Say what you want and try to prove it if you can but, good kid, m.A.A.d. city and To Pimp a Butterfly are certified hall of fame status. Does April 7th mean it’ll be a third round K.O. to the rap game by Kendrick? In the words of The Five Heartbeats, “We shall see.”

Channel Your Inner Westbrook

“Tables turned, lesson learned, my best look /
You jumped sides on me, now you ’bout to meet Westbrook /
Go celebrate with your team and let victory vouch you /
Just know the next game played, I might slap the shit out you /
Technical foul, I’m flagrant, I’m foul /
They throwin’ me out, you throw in the towel.”

Kendrick makes allegations of someone (see: Drake) being two-faced. A literal rapping version of Kevin Durant in the flesh, who is not about bring enjoyment to the game, but only winning a title. For that offense, Kendrick delivers some sheer ether in the form of channeling his inner Russell Westbrook, who threatens to “slap the shit out you” for disrespecting the sport of hip-hop.

What are some other lines in The Heart Pt. 4 that you thought stood out? Share them with us on-or-offline in the comments below or @Okayplayer.

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