Big Ghost Reviews Kanye West – ‘Yeezus’

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Kanye West Yeezus album review by Big Ghost

9. “Send It Up” – Ionno who King Louie is but son is all types of mediocre bruh. But thats whats POPPIN right now anyways yo. Ni**as jus want hot garbage all day namsayin. Aint nobody got time for all that INTELLIGENCE shit my ni**a. Dont nobody wanna hear all that MUSICAL shit yo…fuckouttahere wit that musically sophisticated shit wit creative lyrics n concepts yo. But thats neither here nor there feel me? Then the boy Ye come in talmbout “This the greatest shit in the club…since In Da Club”… Naw bruh…shit not een the best shit since “Bands A Make Her Dance” my dude. But shit is aiiiiight which is better than the shit thats jus naaaaah on this muthafucka I guess. Not a lot to say bout this shit. I fucks wit it but at the same time I aint gon show it to my kids 15 years from now talmbout THIS THAT REEEEAAAL MUSIC NOT THAT SHIT YALLS BE LISTENIN TO.

10. “Bound 2” – This shit is magnificent yo. Word is No ID, Rick Rubin n Heatmakerz helped make this magic happen…I mean you already kno this bout to be a problem son. I aint gon go into too much detail other than the fact that if you aint feelin this then fuck you dont read my shit b. This is magnificence in its purest form. Yeah I mean…it aint musically “PUSHIN THE BOUNDARIES” of whats possible in hip hop like “Black Skinhead” n “New Slaves” but its ENJOYABLE shit you can listen to n ENJOY…right now n not after the shit grows on you. It aint gon challenge you or open up new portals n ya mind that allow you to travel to other dimensions that exist inside of some shit like a leaf or a seashell that you can only see after you align ya chakras n meditate at the top of a hill at 4am ey’day of ya life or whatever. But you can play that shit n ENJOY it. Yeah the lyrics aint exactly some groundbreakin shit neither…its jus more of that simple ass post-Late Registration shit Kanye be doin that 17 yr old  muthafuckas wit no life goals or intentions of havin careers be goin apeshit over. But ya kno what…you can listen to this shit mornin or night n still ENJOY it.

Kanye West Yeezus album review by Big Ghost

So yeah maybe that boy Kanye takin risks… Maybe he not comfortable restin on his laurels n makin shit that muthafuckas is gon be like yooooooooooooooo to soon as they hear it. I appreciate that he tryin new things n pushin the envelope n whatever the fuck…but it dont automatically make that shit poppin. Thing is…ALL Kanye old shit always had soul to it….even that weed plate 808s n Heartbreaks had soul… Summa THIS shit reeeeaaally dont got no soul yo. I kno it aint jus me… Muthafuckas wanna connect to a artists work nahmean…. Whether its a painting…some poems…or a song or whatever whatever. They wanna feel somethin when they hear music…emotions n shit. Whether it make you wanna dance, cry or duff old people in the face…music should make you have impulses to do some shit other than wanna hit the skip button 8 or 9 times nahmean. I actually HATE a lot fewer songs on this album than i thought I did tho. But I still only LIKE a couple tracks…n LOVE one joint. But see..we livin in a age where new songs, mixtapes, n albums be poppin up every .000045 seconds n not a lot of muthafuckas wanna invest they time n patience allowin shit to GROW on em. But maybe thats the bullshit that needs to stop. Maybe this was Kanye tryin to get ni**as to pump they brakes or try sumn new…like he sayin I KNO YALL LOVE TURKEY BUT YALL EVER TRIED MONGOOSE? …but we tryin the mongoose n summa us is like NAW NI**A n summa us is like OH THIS SHIT IS POSITIVELY DELIGHTFUL…BRAVO KANYE…I FEEL LIKE KICKIN OFF MY TOMS N DOIN CARTWHEELS ACROSS THIS MEADOW n shit. Some muthafuckas is gon be more open to it. Others not so much… Somebody whose opinion I respect said Kim K box gotta be trash…cuz Amber Rose inspired MBDTF. That shit resonated wit me son. But this shit? Not so much. Then again maybe Kanye not makin music for muthafuckas like me right now. Maybe he makin shit for sensitive perverted ni**as that dont like drums. Or maybe he hopin ni**as is gon follow him wherever he goin. All I kno is son aint fall off. Like…he definitely CHOOSIN to do some other OTHER shit right now… Its like when he made 808s n Hearbreak n then bounced back wit MBDTF. Whether you fucks wit this shit or not…he definitely pushed the art n the culture forward…like pullin out a kids rotten teeth n allowin the new ones to grow in. Ion personally ENJOY this shit the way I usually ENJOY Kanye albums but he definitely got muthafuckas reevaluatin shit. We reactin to it. Even the ni**as that LIKE like this music is sayin ni**as jus dont GET it n actin wild defensive n shit… Im sayin 1) Fuck yall n 2) Maaaaaaybe yall right. First time I heard this shit I was like GET KANYE THE FUCK OUTTA HERE. Now Im thinkin hol up…did I miss some shit here? Thats art right there yo.

Aight peace.

I give this shit 3.5 Zeus Slaps outta 5

Zeus slaps

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