#DontStealPossible Launches ‘Think Possible’ Workshop Series w/ Photographer Jonathan Mannion, 02/07 In NYC

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Renowned photographer Jonathan Mannion teams with the Don’t Steal Possible campaign to kick off Think Possible – a free community workshop series launching in New York City on Saturday, February 7th. Much like Questlove, who spun at the launch of the campaign, Jonathan Mannion has decided to act on his belief in the Don’t Steal Possible movement and the idea that all NYC children have the right to a great education. Inspired by the grassroots initiative dedicated to ending the education crisis in the city, Mannion will host the “How To Create A Photo Essay” workshop, which aims to “spark creative passions among New Yorkers.

The all-ages workshop offers participants a hands-on opportunity to learn directly from Mannion himself. In preparation for the event, Mannion created an original photo essay inspired by what the Don’t Steal Possible movement means to him and launched the series of shots via his Instagram account this week. Follow @jonathanmannion or the #DontStealPossible hashtag via Instagram to view the Think Possible photo essay. Through #DontStealPossible, Steve “ESPO” Powers, Tats Cru, and Greg Lamarche joined forces for this multi-borough art project that featured original murals from each artist in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island. You can witness the creation of these murals firsthand and learn more about the 5 Boroughs, 5 Murals program through the video below. Scroll down and check out the TED-Ed clip to get a taste of Jonathan Mannion’s impressive portfolio and his passion for his work.

Register to attend the Think Possible workshop and learn more about the Don’t Steal Possible movement via dontstealpossible.org. Please be advised that space for the workshop is limited and RSVP is required in order to confirm attendance. Event location and other details will be made available to participants as the date of the event approaches.

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