Stream The 'BeFor Our Time' EP From UK MC Jay Prince

Stream The 'BeFor Our Time' EP From UK MC Jay Prince

UK Representative Jay Prince Follows Solid One-Off Tracks With The Official Release Of His 'BeFor Our Time' EP, Which Arrived This Month Via Soulection.

UK representative Jay Prince follows a string of solid singles with the recent release of his BeFor Our Time EP, which arrived recently this month. Bridging the gap between the London rap scene and hip-hop’s homebase in the states, Prince drops a project driven by truth and absolute love for the culture. The full stream comes with a heartfelt note on the passion and purpose behind the project:

Be For:

There are two definitions to this EP, the first being literally being “for our time”. In the current era of musicians, like myself from London, people tend crave and look to the states for answers and are quick to criticise the music from our own home. Some may disagree – but I speak from experience. This EP is the project that demonstrates there is hope where we’re from and where I’ve come from and we should unite in that. We all have a story to tell. This project is about Truth, Love and Passion.


The second meaning of this project is its nostalgic presence. This being a story telling project, it is filled with reflecting on situations and life experiences. The whole theme sonically is driven by reminiscence; I wanted to bring the same feeling or something close to the feeling, you felt when Hip Hop was at its peak of greatness and what is said actually meant something. I was born in 1993, and with this project I wanted to give people that same feeling of when music and Hip Hop was appreciated and respected by the masses in the 90’s, and bring that feeling back to my home city and the world.

BeFor Our Time, For The People.

Check the tracks below to stream the BeFor Our Time EP. Purchase the project via Bandcamp. Stay tuned for more from Jay Prince.

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