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Pass The Popcorn: Django Unchained [Trailer]

Quentin Tarantino, continuing his run of Hollywood action epics wherein oppressed individuals rise up in total defiance of historical fact to go Rambo on their persecutors (see also: Jewish bad-asses killin Nazis in Inglorious Basterds and black chinamen punching out the eyeballs of slimy westerners in his RZA collaboration Man With The Iron Fists) finally unveiled the official trailer for “Django Unchained” yesterday. Tarantino himself has described the film this way: “[it] tells the tale of a bounty hunter who trains a slave to kill plantation owners in order to gain revenge on a particularly foul bunch of individuals.” It is also packed with big names from star Jamie Foxx and villain Leonardo DiCaprio on down to Samuel L. Jackson, Kerry Washington and a cameo from Jonah Hill. Even if you were dyin’ for a quality black western to provide some balance to the established Clint Eastwood canon, this establishes pretty quickly that Django Unchained is not gonna be much of a history lesson (more like they took Blazing Saddles as the basis for a serious shoot ’em up). It does look like a hell of a revenge movie, though. Pass the popcorn and watch below:

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