J Dilla - "Give Em What They Want"

J Dilla's "Give Em What They Want" Drops Ahead Of New EP, Coming May 6th

J Dilla fans get a taste of a new project from the Motor City producer with the arrival of “Give Em What They Want” – the title track to the late producer’s new EP dropping May 6th via Pay Jay Productions. The single “Give Em What They Want” is the latest glimmer of hope to emerge from Dilla’s long lost vocal album The Diary. The six-track project, which includes five joints produced in 2002 by Dilla and Supa Dave West, will be available for purchase on 12-inch clear vinyl. Rappcats gives a good bit of insight on how the project came to be:

Dilla set out in 2002 to record an album collaborating with his favorite producers, and Supa Dave West was among them. The first two vocal tracks on this record are built around the same lyrics – “Give ‘Em What They Want” produced by Dilla and “The Doe” produced by West are typical of how he would re-record a track, changing his delivery to fit another producer’s beat. (Another version of this track over a completely different Supa Dave West beat is still missing.)

The last vocal track “So Far,” also produced by Supa Dave West, will be familiar to some fans of MP3 bootlegs. On this record, it’s mastered for the first time by Dave Cooley, who worked on Donuts, The Shining and Ruff Draft.

Thanks to James & Karla Murray for the cover photo, from their book Store Front (Ginko Press). The label illustration is by Denise Nestor, based on a photo by B+. Sleeve by Jeff Jank. This was produced for reissue by Eothen Alapatt, with coordination from House Shoes, Henoch Moore and J Rocc.

Check the track below to listen to “Give Em What They Want” from J Dilla. Get more on the project via rappcats.com. Stay tuned for more.

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