J Dilla's "Fuck The Police" Gets Badge-Shaped Vinyl Reissue

J Dilla's "Fuck The Police" To Be Reissued On Limited Edition Badge-Shaped Vinyl For Record Store Day

by zo
March 10, 2015 3:04 PM

J Dilla's "Fuck The Police" To Be Reissued As Badge-Shaped Vinyl For Record Store Day

[Disclaimer – The views expressed on this recording are solely those of the artist and by no means do we encourage or condone violence against law officials]

Of the boundless catalogue J Dilla has blessed the world with, he’s had but a handful of solo singles grace the market, but what is likely regarded as his most highly coveted (and equally as aggressive) of those few would have to be the anthemic turn-of-the-century classic “Fuck The Police.” Now closing in on 15 years out of press (the original 12-inch having been pressed with the b-side “Move” back in 2001) it seems both necessary and proper to bring the cut back to life, especially given the current climate, in terms of the countless slayings of black men and children at the hands of our nation’s best protected and federally sanctioned gang. In steps Pay Jay Productions with the most fitting reissue in recent memory; a 9-inch treatment pressed to a wholly ironic badge-shaped piece of wax, fresh for your Record Store Day digging spree, designed by Stones Throw alum Jeff Jank. And while the sentiment rings as true as ever, we have to side Jay Dee’s disclaimer on this one. Don’t go burning the world down or anything. Seriously though, this is like the mother of all Dilla collectables arriving on crate digging Christmas AKA Record Store Day, which falls on April 18th. So be sure to look out for this limited edition single on stands, participating RSD retailers and online via Rappcats. Check back soon for a full list of RSD releases in the days to come.

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