Is The Statue Of Liberty Celebrating A Day Without Women?

Is New York's Statue Of Liberty Celebrating A Day Without Women?

Is New York's Statue Of Liberty Celebrating A Day Without Women?

Photo of the Statue of Liberty courtesy of Twitter.

Guess Lady Liberty was excited about celebrating International Women’s Day and A Day Without Women as the most famous giant green lady went dark for at least two hours Tuesday night.

The statue went black at around 10 p.m. EST, and almost instantly the e-streets were on fire with conspiracy theories, commentary and yes, even pictures to share with their hundreds of thousands of followers.

In actuality, it wasn’t because of resistance against our current sitting president (while it would make a cool reason to do so) — it was because of damage from Hurricane Sandy, according to a statement from the National Park Service.

“It was a temporary, unplanned outage,” the NPS said in a released statement.

No matter what, the coincidence was too on the nose for those hoping to be inspired by the budding revolution. The Women’s March official Twitter page capitalized on the opportunity and tweeted, “Thank you Lady Liberty for standing with the resistance and going dark for #DayWithoutAWoman.”

With strikes scheduled all over the country today (Okayplayer will also be joining in solidarity) — resistance fighters recognize “the enormous value that women of all backgrounds add to our socioeconomic system,” according to the Women’s March website. And while this is not the first group to use the statue as a symbol of protest (Alt Lady Liberty unfurled a 20-foot red and white banner at her base that read: “Refugees Welcome”) — the end resulted in a bronze plaque on the base cementing a similar sentiment.

As President Donald Trump continues to deny the world’s tired, poor, huddled masses from entering into the United States, it is good to see that the rest of humanity is ready to lift their lamp beside the golden door.

See some other reactions from last night’s blackout below:


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