Watch ILoveMakonnen x The Roots Perform "Tuesday" Live

ILoveMakonnen Had The Tonight Show Goin' Up On A "Tuesday" w/ A Little Help From The Roots

Watch ILoveMakonnen Perform "Tuesday" w/ The Roots On The Tonight Show

ILoveMakonnen stopped through studio 6B last night (yes, it was a Tuesday) to link with the mighty Roots crew and perform his chart-topping hit “Tuesday” on The Tonight Show. The fellas provided a solid bedrock for the hazy heater to float over, as the lone ATLien in Drake‘s OVO camp delivered an amicable vocal performance. Frankie Knuckles on the other hand, looked like he might in fact be in the club on a Tuesday, as he was clearly catching all the vibes and at the same time modeling in our exclusive “Legendary” leather-brimmed cap (only 6 left! So we recommend you cop them at the shop stat.) Whether you’re a weekday clubgoer or not, even if ILM doesn’t take home a Grammy (yep. He’s nominated)…hell, even if you come down firmly in on the side of team IHateMakonnen (we know there’s a few of you out there) this jam is definitely going to be one of those hallmark anthems of 2o14. Like in the future when they make a movie (ok, holodeck) that’s set in 2014 or revolves around time travelers returning to 2014 to right some wrong, you will know that it’s 2014 from all the drone-bone jokes and because this song is playing in the club. So be the now. Live in the moment for once and watch The Roots and ILoveMakonnen turn it up with “Tuesday” on an actual Tuesday, live on The Tonight Show below (and grab a copy of ILoveMakonnen’s Grammy-nominated single on iTunes today).

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