OKP Premiere: Detroit’s iLLingsworth Carries The Torch, Drops Brilliant Debut LP, ‘Worth The Wait’

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iLLingsworth's Full-Length Debut Is Well 'Worth The Wait'

iLLingsworth's Full-Length Debut Is Well 'Worth The Wait'

As far as musical geography is concerned, Detroit is and may always be the Mecca. From Smokey to Slum Village, the timeline of the D has been one chock-full of innovation and nuance from its eternal Motown glow straight through to the swung and slurred production styles of J Dilla, still changing the game from well beyond the grave. But one iLLingsworth has taken up task in holding that massive torch, quietly releasing close to 40 deliciously dope tapes in the last six years, all flaunting a fresh take on the drunken drum and luscious chop clinics that’s been the city’s hallmark since Jay Dee came onto the scene.

But if you haven’t been hip to his expansive (and brilliant) catalogue over the years, we’re happy provide the necessary and proper introduction in the world premiere of his debut full-length piece Worth The Wait, which proves its name in spades. With the new record, iLLingsworth is a worthy and well-versed disciple, building on Dilla’s legacy and beat-making bloodline with an infusion of syrupy soul, tight snares and claps and low-ends that thump supreme, all making for an intoxicating blend.

iLLingsworth may not be a name on your radar just yet, but with this 20-track release, you’ll quickly catch the vibe and be begging for more. Stream the debut full-length album from the prolific Motor City beatsman below and head over to his Bandcamp to continue the journey. Consider the torch passed.

>>>Purchase Worth The Wait on vinyl (via Fat Beats) 
>>>Purchase Worth The Wait digitally (via iTunes) 

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