Illa J on New LP, J Dilla (video interview)

Illa J Talks To Peter Rosenberg About New LP & The Ups & Downs Of Being J Dilla's Little Brother

Illa J Speaks On His New LP & The Downside Of Being J Dilla's Little Brother

The online world is being inundated with the blessing that is John Derek Yancey. J Dilla‘s younger brother Illa J sat down with Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg for his Real Late program to talk about his new album, share his upbringing with the music consuming public, and express the ups and downs of being the sibling of a certified legend.

Illa J, who is only 28-years-old, has already released two albums through Delicious Vinyl Records. The sometime member of the Detroit, Michigan rap group Slum Village went on to become one half of the Yancey Boys alongside Frank Nitt. His second effort, ILLA J LP, is available now through Bandcamp for $10.

The project will mark his debut with Brooklyn-based recording label Bastard Jazz and was produced entirely by Potatohead People. Canadian rapper Moka Only appears on several tracks alongside the Midwest lyricist, and Kaytranada and Iva Ave also make appearances.

During his almost 15-minute chat with Peter Rosenberg, the younger Yancey discussed what it was like to grow up with one of the most prolific producers in all of hip-hop, as well as what he did to escape the shadow of his older brother’s legacy. “When you can just go downstairs and have some of the hottest beats waiting on you — you kind of get spoiled,” Illa J said to Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg. With ILLA J being his first solo work since 2008’s Yancey Boys, which was entirely produced by J Dilla, his chat with Rosenberg showcased the growth and development that he wants the game and the world to notice.

The debate continues to rage on whether or not J Dilla is one of the best to ever touch a beat machine. There are those that believe like Peter Rosenberg says that Dilla never had the commercial hits to stand amongst those lions in hip-hop, yet there is a wide swath of people (yes, this includes Dr. Dre!) who believe that Dilla place is certified and cannot be challenged. You know what we feel, what do you think?!

Hit play on the chat and get some schoolin’ in by watching the video below!

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