'I Am Not Your Negro' Posters Feature Civil Rights Leaders

New 'I Am Not Your Negro' Posters Feature Malcolm X, MLK + Medgar Evers

Raoul Peck‘s stirring documentary, I Am Not Your Negro, has impacted theaters all across the country. The Academy Award nominated feature frames the revolutionary, fiery life of James Baldwin in a way that is radical, up-to-the-minute and highly necessary.

Rooted in the framework of Baldwin’s unfinished, Remember This House which was to be a personal account of his close friendship with Medgar Evers, Malcolm X and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and their respective lives and assassinations. To commemorate this #BlackHistoryMoment, we’ve been given the opportunity to share with you three new I Am Not Your Negro posters, which honor these fallen heroes memory.

Check them out in our gallery above.

I Am Not Your Negro is in theaters across the country. Please do yourself a favor + check out this film before it is too late.

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