Howard University Opens Google Campus In Mountain View, CA

Howard University Opens Google Campus In Mountain View, CA

by Kevito
March 23, 2017 11:30 AM

Howard University Opens Google Campus In Mountain View, CA

Photo of Howard University courtesy of Facebook.

The name Howard University is synonymous with greatness when it comes to higher black education. Notable alumni include Chadwick Boseman, Taraji P. Henson, Sean Combs and countless others in the field of law, health and communication. Now, the “Real HU” is joining with Google to train black minds in the field of computer science, coding and tech at a newly established campus in Mountain View, Calif.

Between 25 and 30 juniors and seniors from Washington, D.C. will spend 12 weeks at Google this summer, receiving instruction directly from senior Google engineers and Howard faculty. According to Google, students who attend will also get course credit for their studies. “For us, it is an opportunity to ensure that we are building a pipeline and more importantly, stimulating the right partnerships to drive change,” Bonita Stewart, Google’s vice president of global partnerships, said.

The program is an outgrowth of Google’s efforts to recruit more software engineers from HBCUs and address the shortage of black-and-brown minds on its payroll. In a recently released study, black-and-brown people only make up 1% of the company’s workforce. Google’s plans are to expand the program to include all other HBCUs to make the tech industry more diverse. At universities such as Howard, black-and-brown students make up more than a third of computer science graduates, but they rarely can find work in Silicon Valley tech companies.

“I wold like to see more Howard students and ultimately historically black colleges and universities students and underrepresented minorities being hired in the tech industry and participating in more start-ups,” Howard University President Dr. Wayne Frederick said. “Exposure to that environment early will pay dividends on the back end.”

The Howard West program will begin this summer, and will enable students to get up to speed on the critical skills rarely taught in the classroom, such as learning what to do and what not to do during a software engineering job interview.

H/T: Google

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