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Video: House Shoes Breaks Down J Dilla x Q-Tip – “Fever”

Video: House Shoes Breaks Down J Dilla x Q-Tip – “Fever”


The Bling47 series continues with House Shoes‘ breakdown of J Dilla‘s “Fever” – produced for Q-Tip‘s Open The Mixtape: Abstract Innovations. According to Shoes, this cut of Barry Blue‘s “One Way Ticket (To the Blues) is “Top 5. Yeah, Top 5.” And he’s definitely on point with that. “When the drums drop on that bitch and the bassline goes,” if your head is not bumpin’  then you need to check your head. Shoes breaks his feelings about the track down even further, comparing Dilla’s use of the sample to a painter: “It’s like an artist; your brush strokes is perfect, your tones is perfect, like everything. The frame you put it in is perfect, know what I’m saying? The grade of glass that you put in that motherfucker to keep all the elements away from it is fucking perfect.” The loop itself is dope but that’s not what makes “Fever” a perfectly produced Dilla joint. Like shoes says, its the total package. The beat, the numerical calculations that go behind everything, and eventually even The Abstract’s verses, make this a Top 5, perfect Dilla beat. Check the breakdown below.


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