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What Did Hip-Hop Think Of Last Night's #DemDebate?

Hillary Clinton was resolute, delivering a poised and polished performance amongst her strongest competitor — Bernie “Feel the Bern” Sanders. It was so resounding that even her most pressing commenters might have even come around to being supporters of a possible Clinton-Sanders ticket for 2016. After last night’s Democratic presidential debate on CNN, friends to the site — Shaun King and Deray McKesson — all but threw their support behind these two leading candidates.

All while Baltimore’s Martin O’Malley attempted to prove why he won’t go quietly into the night.

The other two guys — Jim Webb and what’s-his-name Lincoln Chafee — didn’t even make it out the gate. All in all, the CNN debate was important for more than just gaffes and Twitter fodder, as the race has been dominated by Donald J. Trump and Ben Carson‘s stupid remarks. The stage was seemingly set for Hillary to prove her political might as she attempted to dampen current Vice President Joe Biden‘s heat in jumping into the race.

Las Vegas, where a sucker gets taken every minute, was on its best behavior as Clinton and Sanders squared off. You can almost imagine bookies and number runners plotting the odds of who would win the nationally televised debate with hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars on the line. Throughout the night, Clinton proved her veteran status by staying away from sticky conversation points such as mass incarceration and Benghazi, while championing the #BlackLivesMatter movement without sounding forced.

Hillary, who is more convincing as a candidate than she was in 2008, has voiced why she should be president over her fellow Democrat compatriots. Meanwhile, Sanders has doubled-down on his socialist rhetoric and has challenged the status quo to make healthcare and education free-and-affordable-for-all. These two made the biggest splash during the night’s festivities, while Webb and Chafee sounded like drooling babies.

The night essentially turned into three white guys on a stage staring at Hillary and Bernie. A point which Donald J. Trump had fun with while live-tweeting from his posh dungeon hotel somewhere in America. “Can anyone imagine Chafee as president? No way!” he tweeted at 9:08 PM on the social media network. A star just wasn’t born as Trump predicted while cyber-stealing the shine from his political competitors.

So, what did Hip-Hop think about all this as it was going on? Click through the following pages to see what two of the most politically minded MCs and one outspoken radio personality had to say about last night’s #DemDebate!

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