‘Hidden Figures’ Q&A: ‘The Rest Of The World Has To Know About These Women’

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'Hidden Figures' Q&A: 'The Rest Of The World Has To Know About These Women'

'Hidden Figures' Q&A: 'The Rest Of The World Has To Know About These Women'

Hidden Figures recently premiered at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival, offering attendees an exclusive glimpse at the forthcoming film about the black mathematicians that made NASA’s Friendship 7 mission possible.

For those of us that weren’t in attendance we’ll still have to wait until the film officially drops on January 13, 2017. But at least we have this Q&A between cast members Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer and Janelle Monae, as well as producer and composer Pharrell Williams.

The four them answer fan questions through a Facebook Live Q&A hosted on Pharrell’s Facebook, revealing everything from if they knew of the story that the movie is based off beforehand, to why they took the roles in the first place.

There are some telling moments throughout the 18 minute long conversation, such as when Pharrell retells a story where he met black mathematician Katherine Johnson (who’s portrayed by Henson in Hidden Figures) as a child.

“[Katherine Johnson] came to this program we have called ‘From One Hand To Another,'” Pharrell says. “She came there with another African American astronaut by the name of Leland and I took pictures with her and everything, but I did not know her story at the time.”

Another user asks Henson why she decided to take the role of Johnson, to which she responds “I just thought ‘Wow, what an amazing woman.'”

“If the role doesn’t scare me then nine times out of 10 I won’t do it,” Henson continues. “…When I met [Katherine Johnson] the joy that she would have, and the passion behind trying to get people to fall in love with numbers the way she loved numbers…it’s so opposite of what I am but I was ready for the challenge.”

But the most beautiful part of the Q&A is arguably the very beginning, in which each one of them just talk about the importance of the film and the story it’s telling.

Check out the Q&A below.

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