Here's The Lowdown About Muhammad Ali's Funeral

Here's The Lowdown About Muhammad Ali's Funeral

Rakim Remembers His "Ultimate Hero," Muhammad Ali

The world collectively stopped when Muhammad Ali passed away on Friday night, June 3, 2016. Now, a week later, the world will head to his birthplace of Louisville, Kentucky to pay their respects to the late heavyweight champ at his funeral at the KFC Yum.

According to The Ali Center, there will be a funeral procession at 9:00 a.m. ET in addition to the funeral. Traveling northbound on Bardstown Road, the general public will be able to follow Ali’s remains throughout Louisville. Continuing westbound on the Watterson Expressway, then north on I-65 to westbound I-64, the route will conclude west down Muhammad Ali Blvd. to 34th Street down Broadway and then to Cave Hill Cemetery.

The route includes locations that were historically significant to the Louisville Lip.

Imam Zaid Shakir will serve as the prayer service leader. “To be properly prepared for burial, prayed over and then buried is a right owed to every single Muslim,” he said about his duties. “If no one fulfills those rights, then the entire community has fallen into sin. In the case of someone of Muhammad Ali’s stature, to leave any of those rights unfulfilled would be a crime.”

So, the general public, family, friends, well-wishers and onlookers will have their chance to say final goodbyes and till-we-meet-against at Freedom Hall. The prayer service, which takes place at the KFC YUM, will be open to all comers at 2:00 p.m. ET. For those unable to make it out to Louisville, there will be a live stream that can be view at the Ali Center website. Speakers include former president Bill Clinton, Bryant Gumble, wife Lonnie Ali, daughter Maryum Ali, Billy Crystal and others yet to be announced.

The pallbearers are Will Smith, Lennox Lewis, Ali’s cousin John Grady, Jerry Ellis, nephew Ibn Ali-Muhammad, first cousin Jan Wadell-Muhammad, and former brother-in-law Komawi Ali-Muhammad, plus family friend John Ramsey-Muhammad. With the Muslim prayer service happening today (at 12:00 p.m. ET), an average of 14,000 people will witness the jenazah, welcoming Ali into the warm embrace of Allah.

Stay tuned to this post if an embed becomes available, so you too can say your blessings to The Greatest!

Watch the Ali Center’s tribute to Muhammad Ali below:

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