Listen To ENTRANCE's "Not Gonna Say Your Name"

ENTRANCE Expresses His Thoughts On Trump With "Not Gonna Say Your Name"

ENTRANCE Expresses His Thoughts On Trump With "Not Gonna Say Your Name"

Photo of Guy Blakeslee taken by Matt Condon.

We’re T-minus four days from our perfect union being torn asunder by the president-elect, Donald Trump. To counteract the oppressive and racist views being spewed on an almost hourly basis by him and his ilk, Los Angeles-based musician, Guy Blakeslee, better known as ENTRANCE, released a new song called “Not Gonna Say Your Name” to let all those #MAGAs out there know that real Americans won’t take this mess lying down.

“I really wanted to write a song expressing my own feelings about the election and the state of things in our country — like many I was in a state of mourning. I wondered, how can I sing about this without saying his name?” Guy said in an emailed statement. Now available via Thrill Jockey, proceeds from “Not Gonna Say Your Name” are going straight to Planned Parenthood, an organization that provides reproductive health services both in the U.S. and globally.

“I decided to use the song to benefit Planned Parenthood because one of the things that is so shocking about the election result is that it sends such a negative message to women and girls,” he said. “It is the least I could do — for all of the women in the world, in my life, and especially for my mother — to fight back and make a clear statement that we will not accept this backwards agenda.” The song, which was exclusively given to the good folks over at The Talkhouse, serves as a creative rebirth of sorts for Guy Blakeslee.

In addition to “Not Gonna Say Your Name,” ENTRANCE will be releasing Book of Changes, his first new album in more than a decade on Feb. 24 via Thrill Jockey. Joining him in this effort are multi-instrumentalist David Vandervelde (Father John Misty), Frank Lenz (The Weepies), former bandmate Paz Lenchantin (Pixies) and more. To add more shots to the Human Orange Cheetos’ illegitimacy, ENTRANCE will be performing at a Planned Parenthood Benefit, which will take place in L.A.’s Teragram Ballroom on Valentine’s Day, Feb. 14th. More information can be checked out below!

Listen to “Not Gonna Say Your Name” below, pre-order Book of Changes here and for those in L.A., buy tickets to the Valentine’s Day show here!

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