Govales Is 'Worth The Wait' In New, Interactive Video [Premiere]

Govales + Chewii Link Up To Release New Interactive Videos For 'Worth The Wait,' 'Popcorn & Candy' [Premiere]


Continuing to visualize the future, Govales and Chewii have partnered up to create a newly formed company called G SPOT Interactive. As each others respective muse, this dynamic duo aims to present to the world their dual interactive single, “Popcorn & Candy” and “Worth The Wait,” which you can see for yourself below. Releasing content to the public like this bi-weekly and weekly for the remainder of 2016 — Govales and Chewii are aiming to set the music world ablaze with a project that is truly a first of its kind.

“Worth The Wait” and “Popcorn & Candy” represent two interactive music videos and two capsule collections that were inspired by the songs. You can expect the capsules to be released over the next six months. For those that have been invested in Govales then you should already know that “Popcorn & Candy” is the follow-up single to “ALL IN,” which was produced by KAYTRANADA and clocking in at over 400K streams on Soundcloud.

You don’t want to miss out on hearing the silky, sultry and sensation vocal sounds of Chewii. She is a vocalist that is fueled by honest lyrics and raw emotions, but will tear the floor up with any singer in the room.

G Spot Interactive is in partnership with Canada’s own Spotful where Govales and Chewii utilize its latest tech to create their visual arts. A wonderful idea since each music and/or video single will be accompanied by said “capsule” collection which will include merch and additional content inspired by the music. Don’t be afraid to press play below as Govales continues to build up awareness for his debut EP G-Spot.

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