Gorillaz Links Up With Sonos To Make 'Humanz' Immersive For Fans

Gorillaz Links Up With Sonos To Make 'Humanz' Immersive For Fans

Gorillaz Links Up With Sonos To Make 'Humanz' Immersive For Fans

Photo of Gorillaz courtesy of Sonos.

Gorillaz is currently riding high thanks to the release of their latest album, Humanz, and has partnered up with Sonos to create an immersive experience for fans.

Dubbed “spirit houses,” the British virtual band and the celebrated audio company have made three locations to commemorate the band’s new album. Enabling you, myself and fans to enter the band’s virtual home in high fidelity, this Gorillaz x Sonos partnership is an interesting way to bring your PLAYBASE to life.

Beginning April 21 and continuing through May, Gorillaz x Sonos will transform spaces in several cities from Berlin to Brooklyn into Gorillaz Spirit Houses. Witness as real-life manifestations of 2D, Russel, Noodle and Murdoc open up their home to you, offering a deeper look into their world, exclusive music and visuals through physical installations and projection mapping technology.

“Gorillaz have always been inspiring artists who ignore the limitations of any medium or format,” Dmitri Siegel, Sonos VP of Global Brand, said. “The launch of their first album in seven years is such a big moment for Gorillaz fans and we’re excited to invite people all over the world [to] experience it using Sonos.”

The Gorillaz x Sonos Spirit House experience will be in Brooklyn from April 21 – 23, followed by Berlin, Germany from April 28 – 30, and Amsterdam, Netherlands on May 6. Act now as entry into the Spirit Houses are filled through registration.

Watch the trailer video below.

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