Watch "I Made It" By Gordon Chambers feat. Eric Roberson

Gordon Chambers Channels Strong Soul On "I Made It" feat. Eric Roberson

Gordon Chambers Channels Strong Soul On "I Made It" Featuring Eric Roberson

Grammy Award winning songwriter, Gordon Chambers, has spent years showcasing real hunger, real talent, real sincerity and love. His career has been an inspiration to those who are in the background creating hits for those out in front. With two decades of accolades, experiences, triumphs and overcome obstacles — Gordon Chambers puts out a track championing the ideals of brotherhood. “I Made It,” a song from his forthcoming, Surrender, which features fellow soul singer Eric Roberson, is a harrowing cut that manifest genuine emotions upon viewing it.

How so, you might ask? Well, as you’ll see below, the soul-bearing song, which was written by Steff Reed and Phyllis “Phoenix” Smith, serves as a beacon of healing. A “men’s anthem” of sorts, “I Made It,” was shot in the shell of Gordon Chambers’ burnt down home. “While deep in my pain, I wanted to channel my emotions into something healing for myself and others,” Gordon wrote when talking about his home going up in smoke on Valentine’s Day 2016. The video, directed by Charles Roberson, features the talented sounds of Eric Roberson who sings the song’s second verse.

“From the moment I heard this incredible song, I knew I had to record it. I changed a few lines here and there to personalize it,” Gordon said in an email exchange. “Unexpectedly, in the studio I broke down and cried when I felt Whitney [Houston’s] spirt as I sang the first verse.” A moving personal testimony to the power of the human spirit, “I Made It” is an inspirational journey into the soul of a man. Gordon Chambers exemplifies resiliency, as he is surrounded by a bevy of notable cast and crew.

Watch and listen to “I Made It” below, as the multiple time Grammy-winning recording artist is totally worth pressing play and jamming out to.

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