Gianni Lee Debuts 'Why Won't You Hear Me?' Exhibit On March 24

Gianni Lee Debuts 'Why Won't You Hear Me?' Exhibit On March 24

Gianni Lee Debuts 'Why Won't You Hear Me' Exhibit On March 24

Photo of Gianni Lee courtesy of Twitter.

Gianni Lee is one of the coolest people in the game. A fashion designer, the guy you bit your sample mixtape idea from, a DJ and a visual artist, this Philadelphia legend has done everything from create his own line (see: Babylon Cartel) to debut his first solo exhibition in Brooklyn, New York City.

Titled “Why Won’t You Hear Me?” the artist is showcasing what he’s been teasing on Instagram and Snapchat on March 24 at the Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition. For fans of his Trillwave & The Samples project or just wish you were able to get you some Babylon Cartel wear before the copycats came out the woodwork — Brooklyn will definitely be the place to be see at as Gianni Lee makes his premiere.

Using various mediums such as acrylic on canvas, acrylic on denim — “Why Won’t You Hear Me?” — will also feature a custom display of Nike Tech Bonded Bags. “Painting is a language I use to tell the story of a people fighting for their home and their existence,” Gianni stated in a press release. “This story takes place in a distant dystopian future. My canvas and my color choices are a platform for me to express inner feelings on issues I can’t put into words. I hope people find courage for themselves through my vivid storytelling.”

“Why Won’t You Hear Me?” is free and open to the public, beginning March 25, with a VIP reception Friday, March 24. The event will go until April 16.

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