‘Ghosts In The Hood’ Is A TV Series That Actually Exists

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'Ghosts In The Hood' Is A TV Series That Actually Exists

'Ghosts In The Hood' Is A TV Series That Actually Exists

With a title like Ghosts In The Hood it’s hard not to be at least a little curious.

WE tv announced the new paranormal documentary series today (Wednesday), that follows a group of ghost hunters as they investigate unexplained phenomena occurring throughout Los Angeles. The forthcoming show will blend humor with the supernatural, with the ghost hunting collective providing humorous commentary as they explore Los Angeles’ paranormal side.

The ghost hunting team (called Official Paranormal Operations or O.P.O.) goes to a number of places according to a trailer that dropped with the announcement: a haunted piñata shop in South Central; an old Korean brothel; a funeral home in Compton; a downtown Los Angeles bar where employees are too scared by a sinister presence to continue working; and many other spots.

On each episode (which will be an hour long) O.P.O. will respond to two different clients in distress. As you have probably seen with other similar shows the episodes will try and resolve these unexplainable issues for their clients, by either proving or disproving that something paranormal is plaguing them.

“Ghosts In the Hood and the O.P.O. team brings a unique blend of humor along with out of the box investigative techniques,” Marc Juris, WE tv president, said. “While they take the job seriously, they don’t take themselves too seriously, making for a ghost hunting series unlike anything else that’s out there. We are excited to bring this funny and mysterious new show to WE tv viewers, who will no doubt enjoy the antics of O.P.O. as they conquer the spirit world of Los Angeles.”

WE tv has produced six hour long episodes of the series, which will premiere on January 5, 2017. Meet the Official Paranormal Operations team (Defecio Stoglin; Jasmine Orpilla; Dave Purdy; Matty Richards; and Maunda Oyin) in the trailer below.

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