The Okayplayer Interview: Georgia Anne Muldrow & Dudley Perkins On Hugging Trees & Getting Robbed

Karas Lamb Karas Lamb writes and digs for tunes you haven’t heard…

Georgia Anne Muldrow & Dudley Perkins interview

DP: Nature creates defense mechanisms when it is threatened.  A lot of this music is threatening the universe.  The whole entire system, way past earth and down to where the heartbeats come from.  Where the key to the heartbeat comes from.  When you do that, you pull the vibration so low and people have fallen for it.  The changes in sound are even reflected in the foods we eat.  Let me explain.


GAM: Break it down, baby.


DP: Music is a nutrient.  It affects your lymphatic system.  It affects the systems of others just because you carry that bad vibration on you.  Your subconscious transfers that bad energy to other humans. The people who run the music industry don’t care about our situations.  They care about making money and depressing the population by encouraging us to kill ourselves through sound and how we eat.  Sound is the most dangerous because it travels on air and air is God.  We breathe that.  So, when you’re tainting music you’re playing with fire.  There are a lot of references to music in spiritual books because it is a very serious spiritual thing.  That’s why the FCC does regulate it.  That’s why there is top 40 programming on the radio – so that they can keep the vibrations low.  If music were to change enough to raise the vibration, war would have to stop.  They have to keep it low in order to continue to benefit.  It’s a great way to keep people fighting.  I’ve seen the true and living God.  I’ve sat with him, so when cats start playing with this music, I have to defend against that.  I don’t play with it at all.  It makes me sick to be listening to bullshit.  People disrespecting themselves – their mothers.  That is translating to the rest of the world through the music.


GAM: Examining our story as black people, only 20% of us made it here during the Trans-Atlantic slave trade.  That survival was all facilitated by sound.  Sound actually became our food and they are very keen on that.  The people who ran that system realized how important music was for us as a nutrient and began to regulate it.  This whole thing is a social experiment, so we have to take it upon ourselves as people with knowledge to refuse to be lab rats in somebody else’s creation.  We have to manifest our experience instead of just accepting their poison.


DP: We’re here to bring the balance.


OKP: How does that play into your live show?


DP: Our music is what we’re all about.  We keep it stripped down and say what we gotta say onstage, but we do it real funky because we love music.  We love it beyond belief.  It’s God.  It makes people’s emotions change.


OKP: What do you have coming next?

DP: We have a big responsibility to our label, SomeOthatShip Connect.  We have this cat Mykestro.  Georgia’s working with Ill Camille. Lootpack.  Jimetta RoseJ Sands.  The list goes on. Georgia’s also working on her new instrumental jazz project under the alias Joyti.  The album’s title is Denderah.


GAM: We both have various solo projects and are developing new artists for the label.  Dudley’s got a new Declaime album titled Dr. Stokely: The Prescription.


DP: We’re working on a line of t-shirts with Listen Clothing. We’re also continuing our plan to raise the vibration in music.

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