Gallant Unleashes New Fire In 2017 With "Cave Me In" Video

Gallant Unleashes New Fire In 2017 With "Cave Me In" Video

Gallant Unleashes New Fire In 2017 With "Cave Me In" Video

Photo of Gallant taken by Dukhwa Jang.

Is there anyone left in the world who doesn’t know who Gallant is? The Grammy-Nominated performer made such an incredible splash with his debut album, Ology, that all eyes are on the Los Angeles-based sensation and what his next move will be.

Thankfully, we here at Okayplayer have an inside track of his first piece of music of 2017. “Cave Me In,” is an enticing, dream-scape of awesomeness featuring South Korean stars Eric Nam and Tablo, sounds like a natural progression for Gallant.

The visuals showcase the synergy and creative energies between these three unique talents. “When we all met for the first time, our energy just clicked — and that synergy manifested itself into this record,” Gallant stated while speaking about the collaboration. Epik High‘s Tablo added, “Feelin’ blessed to be a part of this beautiful song. With my verse, I wanted to talk about the inherent double-bladed nature of love. Love is often simultaneously gentle and violent. [I] hope it hits close to home for ya.”

Shot on the streets of Hong Kong, Gallant, Tablo + Eric Nam give us a bit of a throwback to that foregone era, the ’90s, with an R&B vibe that is nostalgic, yet easy to listen to. Continuing his rise to the top, Gallant, a performer embraced by legends (Elton John, Seal) + who sells out shows (Forbes’ ’30 Under 30′ entrant) is poised to do great things this year with “Cave Me In” representing him nicely.

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