Gabe 'Nandez Brings Smooth Grooves On 'Disconnected' EP [Premiere]

Montreal's Gabe 'Nandez Brings Smooth Grooves On 'Disconnected' EP [Premiere]

Montreal's Gabe 'Nandez Brings Smooth Grooves On 'Disconnected' EP [Premiere]

Ranked as one of the best and brightest new acts coming out of Montreal, Quebec, Canada — Gabe ‘Nandez is certainly no stranger to honing and cultivating an innovative sound. This New York-born, international talent has spent his life going from place to place, taking with him the rhythms + cultures from different nations. From Palestine to Haiti to Tanzania, Gabe’s time in varied homes influenced his world view and creative process. All those ingredients, mixed into Gabe’s colorful palette resulted in the exploration of his own life put down on wax in the form of the Disconnected EP.

Okayplayer is ecstatic to premiere this deep + rich look inside the mind of Gabe ‘Nandez, as he describes to you below:

“I felt disconnected from society during my time in detox, where I couldn’t use the internet and could very seldom speak on the phone,” he told us in an emailed statement. I had, and to an extent, still do, felt a similar during active addiction.” On the four-track effort, he touches on the ways drugs were a vicious cycle (“Centipede”) and how he felt during that time of getting clean (“Mouse”). “I wrote and recorded these songs two weeks after getting out of a treatment center for drug addiction, which is something I struggled with through my adolescence and into my early twenties,” he shared with us. “I had been trying to get clean for months, but kept failing. I was caught in a vicious cycle of short periods of sobriety followed by near fatal relapses, and found myself barely surviving up until the day I checked myself into the facility.”

With a renewed lease on life, blessed to be alive and sober, Disconnected, which was entirely produced by Virginia’s own Discarded, is a tale about the consequences of isolation, depression, insanity and drug addiction.

Listen to the EP below, and don’t forget to follow the talented musician on Twitter (as well as us!) @GabeNandez.

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