FRTNK Goes For '90s Nostalgic in "Let Go" Music Video [Premiere]

FRTNK ("Fourteen K") Go For The Unorthodox '90s Vibe in "Let Go" Video [Premiere]

FRTNK ("Fourteen K") Go For The Unorthodox '90s Vibe in "Let Go" Video [Premiere]

Los Angeles’ own FRTNK (pronounced “Fourteen K“) has been building their reputation as a smarter-than-your-average, pro-skater-type of band that merges opposing musical genres for an awesome sound. Despite comparison to some of the best in the business (OutKast, The Gorillaz) — FRTNK has started off the new year wanting everyone to know where they are from with the video, “Let Go,” which was directed by Aaron George. In the “film,” the concept was to go for a different sort of vibe. “We looked at different ways to tell the story of ‘letting go,'” the band stated in an emailed statement. “From there the concept built itself and became interesting, artistic and left for viewer interpretation.”

Captured from an unorthodox point-of-view and pace, “Let Go” packs the talents of FRTNK with solid sounds that will have you remembering their name throughout 2017. This alt hip-hop group ignites a strong, emotive feeling that resides in all of us and with “Let Go” out in the world thanks to us here at Okayplayer, you too can combat that feeling of adulthood by transporting yourself back to that “living in the now” time when you were younger.

Watch the cinematic clip for “Let Go” below, and keep your ears and eyes open for the band’s forthcoming EP to be announced soon.

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