Fly Moon Royalty "Step Hard"

Audio Premiere: Fly Moon Royalty - "Step Hard"

by Eddie "STATS"
January 30, 2014 12:36 PM

Fly Moon Royalty

It’s been quite a minute (two years, actually, since “The Birthday Song“) since we had new music from Fly Moon Royalty, which is way too long, really. The Seattle electro soul duo are making up for last time, going HAH on this new track, appropriately titled “Step Hard.” Bringing their by-now signature vocal prowess to a beat that could go 8 rounds with the Clipse’ “Grindin”, “Step Hard” is the ultimate warning shot that FMR is back in the arena. Okayplayer is proud to premiere the stream:

Best of all, this is only the first leak of a whole new EP called Unfinished Business, dropping Feb. 18th via Sport’n Life. We asked Fly Moon Royal Mike Illvester to give us an idea of what to expect from the projects (as well as a quick update on what FMR have been into since we last heard from them). Here’s what he said:

“Unfinished Business is a cross-section of us as a “LIVE” band and a studio based group. This album has some of our heavy hitters from the live show as well as headphone/car tracks that you bump by yourself. It’s a strong little EP and it’s setting the tone for the full length that should be out this year. Since the last EP Dimensions we’ve been steadily busy performing all over Seattle and regional festivals. Shooting videos, raising money and constantly making new music. We’ve been focusing on crafting our sound and boosting the overall quality of everything we do. We’ll have some tour dates down the west coast as well as the midwest this summer. We should have a few videos to release in the next few months as well.” -Mike illvester

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