Flatbush Zombies Drop New Single "Plz Don't Make Me Do It"

Flatbush Zombies Wield Throwback Vibes On New Cut "Plz Don't Make Me Do It" ft. Domo Genesis

flatbush zombies please don't make me do it cover art

Once more out of the eerie night come Brooklyn trio Flatbush Zombies. In just four short years the group has managed to become one of the brightest fixtures in Beast Coast hip-hop, and now with the release of “Plz Don’t Make Me Do It,” their star is shining brighter than ever. A bone-dry rimshot sample and floor-shaking bass gives the track a decidedly old-school feel–picture Madlib traveling back in time to work with Nas in ’93. All production praise goes to Erick Arc “Architect” Elliott, who proceeds and continues to up his beatmaking game.

Loaded with the playful jabs and kicked-back party lines that Flatbush Zombies have made their bread and butter, “Plz Don’t Make Me Do It” is another solid connect between new and old, a sign that the rich past of 90s hip-hop is alive and thriving in at least a few nooks within the 5 boroughs. Flatbush Zombies had last been heard on the duo cut “Butterfly Effect,” which they recorded under the name Clockwork Indigo in collaboration with fellow Brooklynites The Underachievers. The gang also appeared on Noisey’s extended mega-rap cut “The Rap Monument.” Listen to new single “Plz Don’t Make Me Do It” below and check out Clockwork Indigo’s self-titled EP here.

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