Kiah Victoria Returns With New Song, "Titivating"

First Look Friday's Own Kiah Victoria Returns With New Song, "Titivating"

First Look Friday: Kiah Victoria Interview

If you haven’t been following our First Look Friday act, Kiah Victoria, then accept our late pass and press play to hear her striking vocals. The New York songstress continues to be an outstanding talent as her newest song, “Titivating,” rounds out a stellar look at her most recent work.

Previous tracks such as the mid-tempo darling, “I Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere,” the impossibly delicious cut, “Cold War,” and the upbeat “Hollow,” give way to “Titivating,” which is haunting and smooth to the ears. A true blue singer of the highest caliber, Kiah Victoria is a name that should be on your lips if you are a lover of mesmerizing music.

Listen as the New York songstress engages audiophiles while remaining genuine to herself, as “Titivating” is worth your plays en masse.

Below, Kiah Victoria gives us her thoughts on the inspiration behind the songs:

“Ain’t Goin Nowhere”

“It’s too easy to self-sabotage. When things start go right it is because they are supposed to. I wrote this song with Seramic and Carassius Gold on my first writing trip in London and I was having so many feelings. I wanted to bask in all of the good in midst of doubt and ultimately say, “Bye Bish” to those unloving inclinations.”

“Cold War”

“Guilt vs. Denial is a pretty tricky game. The “Cold War” is not knowing which one is the source of unrest. It is a mental, emotional, spiritual back and forth that I found (and continue to find) myself in—particularly when I’ve had one too many drinks. “Cold War” is my self confrontation.”


“‘Hollow’ is about recognizing that the world is often a shitty place to live in, but we don’t have to be shitty people. The potential for love is so great! Honestly, truly.”


“My mom used to tell me to ‘stop titivating’ in the mirror when I was little and taking too long to get ready. (It’s an actual word!) ‘Titivating’ is an attack on superficiality. This song throws shade at self aggrandizing shade throwers. Nobody has time for them.”

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