First Look Friday: Embrace The Bright Glow Of Joyce Wrice

First Look Friday: Embrace The Incandescent Glow Of Joyce Wrice

First Look Friday: Joyce Wrice Interview
Joyce Wrice photographed by Ural Garrett for Okayplayer.

For years, Joyce Wrice has been the voice in the background, impressively captivating audiophiles with her silky vocals and breezy style. Eagle-eyed music lovers might have had a head start in knowing about this twenty-something singer-songwriter, whose work has been garnering superlatives like “radiant and contagious” from astute music bloggers. Transplanting herself from San Diego to Los Angeles, Joyce Wrice’s sound pulled us in after her song, “Do You Love Me,” produced by Mndsgn, hit the Soundcloud e-streets. She emoted an effortless cool that resonated with our snobby, yet certified earholes.

As an independent artist whose EP, Stay Around, and its respective track, “Ain’t No Need,” found its way to our illustrious leader, Questlove — Joyce’s talents have grown alongside names as BluJay Prince and Dom Kennedy showcasing her as a true star on her own. A strong example of that is on her Chuk Le Garcon-produced cut, “Home Alone,” a stirring song about loneliness, waiting on pins and needles for your significant other to come back while he or she is out with someone else. Don’t sleep! It won’t benefit you at all, as Joyce Wrice isn’t going to wait for those dozing on her talents.

As a graduate from Soka University of America, Joyce has honed her style, her grace and her voice to entice crowds, gain fans and earn followers. With each step, Joyce Wrice has inched closer to that brass ring that represents all that is positive in her world. This week’s First Look Friday subject excels at channeling all these energies into the multi-faceted ways of being a performer: recording, songwriting, performing and choreography. All in all, we’re extremely excited to showcase Joyce Wrice and her music to the world, while exclusive premiering her exhibiting her talents at Delicious Vinyl in sunny California.

Sit back, relax and press play on the video below, while Joyce Wrice breaks down her working relationships with Mndsgn and SiR, expresses her own insecurities that come out in her music and shares the details behind her standout offering, “Home Alone”. Enjoy!

Okayplayer: To music snobs the world over, you are making an impact on both sides of the U.S. What is it that those in Los Angeles are seeing and hearing that the rest of the world has yet to discover?

Joyce Wrice: Why thank you! I’ve been able to perform in Los Angeles, but I have yet to perform on the east coast. I’m working on putting together a show in New York right now. One thing that I like to incorporate in my live shows are choreography and live instrumentation. Many people have heard my EP or songs on my Soundcloud, but some people don’t know that I dance and I like to play more of an unplugged version of my records. I look forward to giving people that other side of myself!

OKP: For those who have a passion for music, they honed their skills and practiced their craft. Who are your most cherished influences in music and why?

JW: I really, really admired TamiaBrandyUsherChristina AguileraMariah CareyMissy Elliott and Aaliyah when I was growing up. In fact, Tamia was the first artist that I was really exposed to by my dad. He had her first album and I took it [laughs] from him right away. Her voice was so powerful, captivating and smooth. It really made me want to sing. Despite how young Tamia, Brandy and Usher were at the time, they were really able to convey the emotions and the story behind the songs [they were performing]. I read somewhere that Tamia can [even] sing opera, and that blew my mind. It shows you that she has really studied the voice within different genres of music. I also love dancing and creating choreography. So, seeing Usher, Missy and Aaliyah pulling off dope moves inspired me to incorporate that into my own performances.

OKP: Your song, “Ain’t No Need,” is extremely dope and has heightened anticipation for new work from you by music snobs who have a heavy presence in the industry. Can you talk about how life was for you while developing as an artist in the West Coast? How did you react to your first bits of press? What was it like working with Mndsgn + DJ Harrison?

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